Pros and Cons of Living Near a Lake

Let’s face it, we spend most of our time between concrete walls with artificial lighting, hunched over a keyboard. That’s office life and there’s little you can do about it. What you can do something about is the place you call home. When you live in an urban area, chances are your apartment is just another concrete cage, albeit one with a big couch and beer in the fridge. 

How about leaving the city behind and moving near a lake? Obviously, there are pros and cons, but at the end of the day you will discover that the benefits of living close to nature far outweigh the inconvenient aspects.

Pros of living near a lake

Being close to nature 

No living being should be forced to spend his or her life simply moving from one concrete cage to another, with little chance to see the sky and the stars at night, let alone get some fresh air. Living near a lake allows you to reconnect with nature and feel more grounded.

Benefits of lake air 

It’s not just that the air smells different by a lake, it is actually full of negative ions which have been shown to raise serotonin levels in your body, which regulate mood and relieve stress. With a big lake in front of your house, highway traffic and pollution are kept at a healthy distance.

Sleeping better

You know the relax CDs with nature sounds meant to make you sleep better? Living by the lake is the real deal. You can hear the water gently lapping at the shore just outside your window.

Scenery to help you unwind

When you’re an urban dweller, relax often means planting yourself on the couch in front of the TV, because what can you do, open the window and stare at the passing cars? Most people living by the lake develop a routine of spending some quiet time just sitting on the patio looking at the blue expanse of water. If you know anything about relaxation techniques you are probably aware that blue is associated with serenity and calm.

Strengthen your body with water sports

You don’t need a pool if you have a lake close by. It doesn’t have to be a big lake, even a small one will do for a nice swim to cool down on a hot summer day. If you’re passionate about boating or scuba diving, you might prefer a big lake and you’ll have your favorite hobbies on your doorstep.

Or you might want to take up fishing, which is extremely relaxing, not to mention the chance of big fat fish on the dinner table. If you’re lucky, that is!

A sound investment

When you buy a house with access to a lake you make a sound investment for the future. Properties by the lake only increase in value over the years for one simple reason - you can build on land, in urban areas, as much as you want, but there are only so many lakes where you can squeeze in another residential project.

Cons of living by the lake

Houses by the lake can be more expensive, precisely because there’s fewer of them. 

Mosquitoes are often a plague as they like living by the water, too. However, this can also happen when you live in the city and the solutions are the same - put insect screens on your windows and use bug sprays. Well, you might also want to plant some mosquito repellent plants in your garden.

Being close to the water means more humidity so you will have to make sure your house is properly insulated. Annual maintenance fees on the property might be higher, but it is worth the price. 

All in all, living by the lake is more peaceful, offering you a chance to escape the stress of urban life. One thing is guaranteed, you will be tempted to spend a lot of time outdoors and lead a more active life.